Additional Services

Testing & Certification

We can help you get the necessary certification for your products. We have an extensive networks of third party laboratories that we work with for the certification process of our products. Just gives us a call so we can elaborate on the details of your product and the cost of the certification.


Bottle & Bottling Service

Bottling - We also offer bottling services for an MOQ of 50 bottles. The are typically filled in 2ml, 5ml and 10ml bottles. The rates differ per quantity and start at
€ 2,45 / Bottle.


Labeling Service

If you want to bring out your own brand of CBD products, just let us know and we gladly contact you about our offerings. We can help you print many different variant of labels in different dimensions and shapes. The MOQ for this service: 100 units.



We also offer packaging of products. We can print different types of packages in different dimensions, shapes and print effects. We also package the products afterwords so you will receive a finished product ready to go on your shelf. The MOQ for this service is 250 units.


(Blind) Drop Shipping

We can also ship it to your customer directly (Drop Shipping) and even go one step further and remove all references to Pharmabinoid (Blind Drop Shipping). You can simply supply us with your marketing material and we will add it to each shipment. There is no MOQ for this service.

Service MOQ
Drop Shipping 0
Blind Drop Shipping € 10 / Shipment

Custom Production

If you desire your own custom combination of cannabinoids then give us a call and we gladly connect you to one of our biotech engineers to see what we can do for you. We can add CBG, CBC or CBN to your oil. The MOQ depends on the complexity of the final product and can therefore strongly vary case by case. Just let us know.