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In the meantime cannabis is extensively used by a growing group of medical users worldwide, still relying on cannabis as last resort medicine, or because it is more effective and has lesser side/effects than the prescribed one.
Unfolding the science behind the pharmacological effects of the plant-specific active compounds, cannabinoids. 

Reintroduction of cannabis as medicine needs desperately a new classification system that goes far beyond the nowadays polytypic approach in the chemotaxonomy of Cannabis including the division of Cannabis into sativa, indica, and ruderalis all subtypes of Cannabis sativa. Although important from a taxonomic point of view, from a users perspective only information about the cannabinoid content makes sense to them, irrespective of the name, smell and other phenotypic parameters

This is still in dispute, subtypes, and their blends, without information about the cannabinoid content and more importantly the concentration levels between those cannabinoids )sub/chemotypes classification is based on this). Patients rely on undefined ´´greenish plant material´´ with unknown chemotype, potency and strength, with unknown insight in the, wanted or unwanted side effects like ´´high´´, activating, energizing ´´stoney´´ , sedative´´euphoria´´, trippy-edgy effects, and many other buzz/types and in addition, appetite depressant, appetite-stimulating (exclusive attributed to the presence of THC).
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