About Us

Who We are

We are a team of driven believers in cannabis as the most important medication nature has to offer. Our passion for this plant goes back decades and has only been intensified through the research undertaken by our founding father Ronald Glas. He is a Biotechnical-Engineer who dedicated 30 years of his life to researching cannabinoids for their effects on the human body. Based on his research this company was founded and it is still the fuel for growth nowadays. Ronald himself has used and still uses the medication produced by us and our suppliers to treat his brain tumor. 
Ronald Glas in Laboratory at WUR
Ronald Glas in Laboratory 

What We Do

Diseases like these where there is no viable medical option given by traditional pharmacology are the reason why we started this company. We connect the industry to collaboratively develop new ways of treatment based on cannabinoids. We bring together Know-How and manufacturing capabilities to produce innovative products of the highest purity and quality according to medical standards. We supply these products all over the world, taking on the legal challenges this industry still faces when crossing borders. 

Our Mission

We are here to establish the medical marihuana industry as an alternative to traditional pharmacology in order to treat diseases not manage symptoms. 

Our Vision

We pursue the status quo of your medical physicist prescribing you a medication that helps you recover from your disease for a fair price.

Core Values

We have all our prices open online


We constantly inject new products into the market 


We believe in independent 3rd parties to test our products


We support continuous research to improve our understanding of cannabinoids